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Sep 11, 2020

Great service. Very knowledgeable. Made me feel very comfortable during the visit and asking questions. Office manager was very helpful and friendly. Highly recommended!


Sep 10, 2020

He took the time out and explain everything the one thing I didn’t realize is that cholesterol can travel through the bloodstream which he explain and I love him for that thank you


Sep 10, 2020

Amazing Doctor - I highly recommend to go there if you have any ophthalmological questions for you or our kids :-)


Sep 04, 2020



Sep 01, 2020

Wonderful visit answered all my questions nice octor


Aug 28, 2020

Dr G was very pleasant to talk with and friendly

Jerry Trevino

Aug 24, 2020

Dr, Gologorsky was extremely friendly and very thorough in explaining every test and subsequent results. I felt very comfortable and safe during the examination. I feel like I can trust him completely. Many doctors make you feel like you’re just a number, he actually remembered our conversation our conversation from an appointment that was over a month ago. Super cool guy, I like him a lot!


Aug 24, 2020

Excellent doctor. Most thorough and great bedside manner. Extremely clean office. Best experience.


Aug 20, 2020

My visit was great I enjoyed everything !! Wonderful service


Aug 18, 2020

Amazing eye visit,very informative.thanks


Aug 08, 2020

Dr. Gologorsky is extraordinary!


Aug 07, 2020

I'm Craig Meyer,,my visit wirh Dr.Gologorskyis the very best at giving examations,and knowing he's graft,as well as being thero,and talking with you not you,very intellaigent,with the eye,and shows you a model of the eyer on what is going on on ur eye,,i;ve had several operations,,and other dotors for other reasons,,,,by fait one of three doctor i've the pleasure in being treated

Theresa L.

Aug 07, 2020

This is a great doctor! I recently visited his office and I was nervous and concerned about my situation. He set my mind at ease and really took time to both listen and talk to me. The exam was very thorough and I’m thankful that I got to see him. He really went above and beyond!


Jul 24, 2020

Very thorough, straight to the point and extremely professional.


Jul 19, 2020

Dr. Gologorsky took me immediately after I called and was humorous throughout the process. I highly recommend him!

Greg S

Jul 15, 2020

This was my first time seeing Dr. Daniel, My nerves where at level 10 I had no ideal what to expect that being said this was an amazing experience.

Melissa Groll Leonard

Jul 02, 2020

Dr Gologorsky is the best ophthalmologist I have ever been to! He is very thorough during all my eye examinations, leaving nothing to chance. He takes his time without being rushed and answers all my questions. My experience was the best it could have ever been and I highly recommend him! Oh - and I want to mention that during COVID I was especially satisfied and calmed as his office was extremely clean, staff was very professional and scheduled me with no wait time.

Rachel F

Jun 25, 2020

Dr Gologorsky is the BEST! From his office being extremely clean, having no wait time, to him being extremely thorough during the eye examination, my experience was the best it could have ever been. 10/10 definitely recommend!

S Richard

Jun 23, 2020

It was my first time visiting an eye specialist and Dr. Gologorsky was very thorough in his examination and addressed all my concerns. He was very informative. I would definitely recommend this Doctor.

Debbie Falic

Jun 02, 2020

I highly recommend Dr Gologorsky. Thorough and professional eye exam. His office is organized and spotless with state of the art equipment.

Robert X Thomas

May 28, 2020

I was dealing with a eye issue for about 1 1/2 weeks after seeing two different doctors and filling 3 different Prescriptions that did not work. I found Dr Gologorsky who examined my eye, cleaned and provided a Prescription that seemed to almost work overnight!! I give Dr and staff 10stars.


May 28, 2020

I saw several ophthalmologists for my blurred vision. Dr. Gologorsky was quick, has good hands, and his exam was gentle. He was able to fix my problem and now I can enjoy reading again. Very clean office.


May 22, 2020

Promt, professional and very helpful

Cherie Watson

May 21, 2020

OMG everyone in the office is warm, professional and truly cared about me. Doc Daniel did a quick surgery to remove a cyst from my lower eyelid. Fantastic Doctor and staff. Thank you so much :)

Sara F

Oct 10, 2019

Dr Gologorsky is a combination of an extremely knowledgeable eye specialist and a wonderful and caring person. He was very patient in explaining everything in great detail and gave outstanding care. He was also very empathetic towards my concerns and really listened to everything I was saying. I would highly recommend Dr Gologorsky.

Renee & David

Sep 19, 2019

Without exaggeration, he is the best ophthalmologist we have EVER had. Kind, caring, patient, and extremely intelligent.

ARI R in miami

Sep 06, 2018

I've been bounced between multiple eyedocs before ending up with Dr G. Very smart physician and took time to diagnose me and explain my condition in detail. I get the sense he really cares about his patients.

Eric in Miami Beach, FL

Sep 06, 2018

Saved my dad's eyevision. Cannot understate my gratitude. Would give him 10 stars if possible.


Sep 02, 2018

Dr. Gologorsky is extremely thorough and patient. It’s rare to find physicians that take the time to explain procedures in terms that patients can understand and I am very grateful for his care and attention.

Harold in brooklyn, NY

Jul 03, 2018

Great doc. He really listened to what I had to say and explained my diagnosis patiently, answering all my questions. My vision has already improved after just a few treatments.

Norman in Chelsea, NY

Jul 03, 2018

Dr. G was truly kind and caring when I met with him for a consultation regarding my eye before and after surgery. My surgery and recovery have gone very smoothly thanks to his brilliant work and compassionate care.

Sally in queens

Jun 28, 2018

My mother receives monthly injections into her eyes by Dr. G for her macular degeneration (wet type). He is very patient and careful, and my mother never complains of pain. His staff is excellent and courteous. I highly recommend him.

Nicole in New York, NY

Jun 26, 2018

A talented surgeon with amazing bedside manner.

Michael in New York City

Jun 06, 2018

In February I was diagnosed with a stroke in my right eye and after treatment with Dr G, I got my sight back! He is my hero! Love him.

Jeffrey in Manhattan, NY

May 31, 2018

Dr. G is a talented surgeon and retina specialist - he saved my vision!

Maria in NYC, NY

May 30, 2018

Great doctor!

David F in NYC, NY

May 24, 2018

Dr. G saved my vision! I had two retinal tears and Dr. G used a laser to fix them both. The entire procedure took 10 minutes and it did not hurt at all. Extremely happy with my experience.

Melisa G

May 24, 2018

My mother has macular degeneration and we have been seeing Dr. Gologorsky for two years for her eye injections. I honestly cannot think of a more knowledgeable, kind, and caring retina specialist. His eye injections are literally PAINLESS, and he has truly saved her vision. Hands down the best retina doc in town.

Miami, FL

Aug 03, 2017

Dr. Gologorsy has been a blessing to me during a frightening and painful time. He first treated me for a massive retinal tear through the ER at Bascon Palmer. I now see a specialist, but Dr. Gologorky has followed my case and has answered my many questions with great patience for over a year. He is clearly a gifted physician and scholar. He is also devoted to his patients and generous with his knowledge and time.

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